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Latest Release: Jan 2021  Version:2.1.4

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DateVersion Description exe Download zip Download
11 Jan 20212.1.4 Introduced a slider for selecting duration.
1.8Mb 983Kb
27 Feb 20162.1.2 Updated for Windows 10/8/7 with start up modify option.
6 Jun 20112.0.0 Minor revision.
29 Nov 20082.0.0 Refinements and Vista UAC enhancements.
9 Aug 20081.0.1 Starts enabled with Windows start up.
18 Mar 20081.0.0 First Release.

Choose the zip or exe format for downloading.

Save AutoShutDown.exe to "Downloads", "My Documents", Desktop or anywhere else. The installation process can be started by selecting the AutoShutDown.exe file. Double click the left mouse button on the icon.

Follow the install prompts and select a folder under "program files" to install the software to.

Administration Rights
The installation and scheduling shut down times will require administration rights.

Save AutoShutDown.exe to the install folder replacing the existing AutoShutDown.exe file.
Executing a newer version from a different location will display an install menu. Follow the install prompts to install the more recent version.

Malicious Code Guarantee
Insmart is an ethical company with a proud reputation. Our clients expect, and Insmart guarantees that at the time of software manufacture (compilation) the software is virus free and does not contain malicious code.

Verifying Insmart Software
Insmart software is now digitally signed. Follow this guide to verify the software is the same as when it was created.

Use of software subject to license agreement.

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