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Coil Change Over Scrap Reduction

Rollformer consists of an uncoiler, profile rollers and a cut-off.

The distance from the cut coil off zero position to the cut-off is measured and entered into the configuration settings of the controller.

When the coil saver feature is enabled the controller will halt production when the last item for the coil has been fed past the coil cut off position. A message will be displayed requesting that the coil be cut off.

The remaining coil in the roll former will be sufficient to complete all jobs from that coil.


Rollformer consists of an uncoiler, on the flat in-line punches, profile rollers and a cut-off.
All product require some sort of punching so there is no requirement for blank items.

This scenario requires two encoders so that at all times the material can be counted and the punch stations can be automatically operated.

The start of a new coil is fed through some drive rollers to the "new coil feed position".

The control system uses the encoder labelled "A" to operate the punches during pendant mode as the strip is fed through the rollers to the cut-off.

When the end of the first item is cut off there is only a small amount scrap.

When then coil runs out or the controller stops and requests the coil to be cut-off the counting encoder can be changed from "A" to "C". This will allow the punch stations to complete the punching of the last item and roll out most of the strip remaining in the roll former.

If the in-line punches are located closer to the cut-off near encoder "C" then the change over to encoder "C" occurs as soon as the material feeds past encoder "C". This greatly improves accuracy.

When the end of the coil reaches the last drive roller or encoder "C" the remaining coil can be chosen to be all scrap or another item and a small piece of scrap that must be manually measured and cut.


The Insmart Controller is able to operate in conjunction with a shear station located just after encoder A. When a new coil is loaded the material must be manually fed just past the shear. The shear is operated and product manufacture begins. The shear is also used to trim the trailing end of the last item.


The Insmart Controller can be configured to suit just about any configuration including single encoder machines.

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