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Insmart Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation

Don't pay $5 per click. Insmart has been handling google addwords for over 10 years and our aim is for zero cost organic (natural) search hits and 20 to 40 cents per click.

Most people think search engine optimisation is simply getting your web site at the top of a search page.

We don't think it is.

Yes the more you pay the better the search ranking and probably the more sales leads but this means you are paying top dollar for a huge number of sales leads. The conversion rate for these leads may be quite low and on top of the premium advertising cost for each lead you must also factor in additional costs to your business for following up each lead.

What about a headline that stands out half way down a search page. Perhaps less leads but perhaps someone who is prepared to scan the search page may be more serious and a better prospect. Less leads, less cost and perhaps a better conversion rate.

On a month to month basis, or more frequently if desired, Insmart will use a holistic approach of analysing sales leads, conversion rates, and marketing material to find that optimum balance that suits your business and budget.

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