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What Insmart clients say about our products and services

Brian Luscombe - Colrol
Insmart have been setting up control software for all Colrol equipment for around 18 years. During this time we have had excellent service and back up from Insmart. As technology has advanced they have been able to supply us with ongoing improvements not only for new equipment being manufactured but also with equipment which has been in service for many years. Insmart has enabled us to supply state of the art equipment with new and money saving control software systems. The Insmart software is extremely reliable which enables us to ship systems around the world with confidence.

Darren Elsegood - CMI
CMI have been utilizing the Insmart rollformer control system for 15 years. We currently run this system on our C truss, Z truss, Stud, Slitters and cut to length lines, primarily due to the software's easy integration to our equipment, its excellent functionality and ease of use. We have found the after installation support for this product to be excellent, our enquiries are always responded to expediently and in a professional manner. Considering all facets of this system, combined with exceptional service, CMI can highly recommend Insmart and their rollformer control system.

Anita Deubert - Chubb Health
Insmart developed a unique booking system for AAA Nurses Agency which serviced the needs of the agency efficiently. Rod has always provided excellent service to both AAA Nurses Agency and Chubb and always acted with the companies best interests.

Peter Thompson - Intag International
I am the manager for Intag Internations IR&D syndicated research and development program. Rod developed embedded communication software for a custom PCB intended to operate RFID tag reader equipment. Rod was able to understand the workings of the electronics, learn a new assembler and C language for Z80 processors and perform the necessary control and communication. His productivity on this project was excellent, with his code generally meeting specification on first delivery.


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