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The Bore Log Drawing Software is a professionally produced drilling and bore hole database for maintaining technical drawings of bore holes.

The details for a bore can be easily and efficently entered or copied from an existing bore that is similar. Each log also records it's own revision history.

The multi-user version of the software allows staff to update drawings simultaneously. Each database entry contains all of the parameters necessary to render a drawing at any time.

The system provides on-screen preview and printing in either black and white or colour.

Many parameters such as font sizes and colour schemes are configurable.

To cater for more specifc needs we are able to offer a customisation service for modifying the the database, the software and the printed logs.

A special export and import facility allows drawings to be updated off-site (from home) and returned to the database. A version tracking field prevents older records from replacing newer records.

The Water Corporation Drilling Consultancy of Western Australia use the Insmart Bore Log Drawing Software to maintain over one thousand bore log drawings.

Custom Solutions - Using our technology Insmart can develop technical drawing solutions made to specification.

A Sample Drawing

Fig 1. A Sample Bore Log Drawing.

A database screen shot

Fig 2. A database screen shot of a list of fields that can be selectively rendered to the drawing.

Printing options

Fig 3. Printing options allow footers to be configured to suit inclusion in other documents.

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