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Insmart Technical Drawing Systems Made To Order

Using our existing technology Insmart is able to develop technical drawing solutions that save drawing components and information about a drawing in a database.

To make an alteration to a drawing you simply update the database and re-print the drawing.

The system provides on-screen preview and printing in either black and white or colour.

Parameters such as font sizes and colour schemes are configurable.

Example Technical Drawing (reduced)

Larger image - more details

Fig1. A sample bore log drawing Click for larger image and more details.

An organisation license allows the software to be installed and used by all employees.

A special export and import facility allows drawings to be updated off-site (from home) and returned to the database. A version tracking field prevents older records from replacing newer records.

Save Hundreds of Drafting Man Hours
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A unique cropping tool for cropping and sizing images without distortion.

Quickly and easily layout images on a page for printing and size images to exactly fit photo frames.

Great for scrap booking and printing T-shirt transfers

Photo Master Home Page

RAFTER - Display Record and Chart Temperatures on your PC

Send SMS and E-mail alerts

Remote web access

A brilliant low cost solution

A sample temperature display

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