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Insmart Forensic Statement Analysis

Insmart offers an electronic processing service to scan and process financial statements.

With the statements in machine readable format the Insmart analysis software can filter, sort and total the transactions.

A long list of ordinary appearing transactions suddenly become quantified into meaningful data.

It can be very revealing, for instance, to filter transactions by amount to produce a short list of transactions that are over a specified amount.

Any number of transaction categories can be used to sort transactions into categories. Some common categories are cash withdrawals, cheques, EFTPOS, pension income and superannuation income.

The reports provide investigators with meaningful and quantified totals. For example, the total amount of cash withdrawals from a bank account broken down and totalled by year provide a series of totals one from year to the next indicating cash expenditure patterns.

To get statements into machine readable format Insmart uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to read statements from paper or from scanned documents such as PDF documents.

The Four Standard Reports
 (i)  Transaction report - a chronological list of transactions that can be reconciled with the bank statements. The total of the debit and credit columns can be used to reconcile reports 3 and 4 so that it can be seen that the total debits and credits remain the same.
(ii) Transactions over amount - A list of transactions with amounts equal to or exceeding a specified amount.
(iii) Transaction Analysis - Transactions are sorted and totalled by year and category are forwarded to a summary table.
(iv) Transaction Summary Table - A summary table showing yearly totals by category.

Sample Transaction Summary Table for a Bank Statement

Sample Transaction Summary Table for a Bank Statement

Sample reports are available upon request.

Further enquiries can be made using this contact form.

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