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Insmart Data Conversion and Automation

Over the years Insmart has developed all sorts of weird software to convert client data from one format to another.

Usually the software reads data contained in csv files or some other text formatted files and modifies the data to suit.

Once processed the data can be used to produce additional reports including graphs and drawings of the data.

When required the software is able to automatically key the data into data entry screens.

Sample Data Conversions
i) Convert csv files from one format to another
ii) Read and convert bank statements. See Forensic Accounting
iii) Convert Autocad and other CAD data for manufacturing
iv) Convert and print DOS files (Epson and PCL formatted reports)
v) Device communication interfaces and protocol conversion. See Insmart Technology
vi) Process and convert video, image and audio data.

Below is a sample abattoir grid summary. The abattoir plant control software is used to export the data which is collected and processed by Insmart software to produce additional reports and summaries.

Abattoir grid summary
Sample Abattoir Grid Summary


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A unique cropping tool for cropping and sizing images without distortion.

Quickly and easily layout images on a page for printing and size images to exactly fit photo frames.

Great for scrap booking and printing T-shirt transfers

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RAFTER - Display Record and Chart Temperatures on your PC

Send SMS and E-mail alerts

Remote web access

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A sample temperature display

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