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Insmart Technology
Insmart software and technology is at the heart of systems all around the world.

Dependable Solutions
Our customers trust and depend on our systems. Our roll former machine controllers run day in and day out producing steel products all over the World.

Some users of our technology that you might recognise are:

Blue Scope Steel, BHP, European Space Agency, Main Roads of Western Australia, Supreme Court of Western Australia, Water Corporation of Western Australia, Western Power and Chubb Health.

What We Do
Develop interfaces and control software that integrates equipment into useful solutions.

We trust and use Borland Delphi for all of our Windows software development.

Our Experience
Outlined below is a cross section of systems we have been involved with.

24/7 Alarm Monitoring
Supply alarm communication monitoring software to display alarm conditions on various display panels around the Supreme Court of Western Australia.

The Goodwyn A platform Supply and commission a safety interlock and alarm control system on the offshore Goodwyn A drilling platform.

Equipment Interfaces
Interrogation software for the Easytach electronic tachograph and vehicle utilisation tool.

Interfaces for controlling various Inkjet printers for product marking:
Willet 3150Si, Imaje Mail Jet Classic, Matthews Jet-a-mark Dod2002a


Technical Drawing Software
Insmart has developed a database drawing system that allows drawings to be defined by parameters recorded in a database. Drawing details can be changed and the drawing re-printed with very little effort.

Larger image - more details

Fig1. A sample bore log drawing Click for larger image and more details.

More information Click here to view more information about our technical drawing software.


Technical Design Systems
Insmart has the expertise to develop custom design and rendering solutions.

Window Frame Designer

A Garage Door Designer that sends a component list to Insmart machine controllers for manufacture.

Ethernet Industrial Control
Develop protocols for Ethernet controlled equipment to produce an integrated solution.
There are over 70 Insmart control systems working day in and day out all around the world. Most service requests are for trouble shooting electrical equipment failures.

Roll former steel manufacturing software
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View real size screen image in a new window

CCTV Equipment Integration
On-site images taken while commissioning systems

Communication protocols developed for a praphical user interface that integrated different equipment into a seamless CCTV control station:
Pelco keyboards, cameras, video multiplexors and video matrix switchers

ADPRO FASTVU video transmission system

Zylotech STB128 video transmission unit

Protocol translation
Insmart developed a software emulator of the VISCA camera protocol to translate and route camera commands from video conferencing equipment to any other camera installed in the system. This allowed operators anywhere in the world with access to video conferencing equipment to remotely inspect and view the installation.


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