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Free Insmart Software

You are most welcome to download and use any of the following software.

The software are time saving tools engineers at Insmart have developed that they would like to share.

100% FREE
Unlike many Internet sites Insmart uses the term Free Software to mean exactly that!

  • Free to download
  • Free to use
  • 100% complete
  • Not time limited
  • Does not contain "extras" such as toolbars, adware or other third party offers

Malicious Code Guarantee
Insmart is an ethical company with a proud reputation. Our clients expect, and Insmart guarantees that at the time of software manufacture (compilation) the software is virus free and does not contain malicious code, malware, spyware, adware or third party bundled software. The software is free to use in the full sense of the meaning.

Your comments or queries are welcome but since we share the software for free it may not always be possible for us to reply.

Except where stated, all executables have been developed by Insmart for 32 bit Windows (Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP). All downloads are compressed "zip" archive files.

The use of the software is subject to a software license agreement which is also displayed when the software is installed.

Verifying Insmart Software
Insmart software is digitally signed. To enable Windows to verify this software follow this guide to install the Insmart certificate which allows Windows to check the validity of the software.


Temp Clean

It is amazing how quickly a temporary folder can fill up with discarded files.

Temp Clean

Each time Windows is started Temp Clean erases all files from your temporary folder to the recycle bin or permanently if you wish. Not only is your disk space conserved but if your word processor or other application crashes leaving a temporay file of your work it will be much easier to identify which files to recover.

TempClean also allows you to change how Windows XP prefetches files.

Download TempClean here (ver 2.0.2 819K Jan 2021)

File Notation

A shell extension to Windows Explorer that lets you quickly create comments and documentation about files you copy or download to your hard disk.

File Notation

Many file names are confusing and may not explain what the file is. After a while you have no idea what the file was downloaded for or what it does !

To use File Notation simply right click on a file and select the File Notation option.

A Notepad window will open allowing you to enter your own description and notes about the file. The notes you enter are saved in a text file with the same name as the file but with a txt extension.

Later when you look through a folder of files you can open the text file to view your own comments and documentation about the file.

Download FileNotationShellEx here (ver 2.2.0 630K April 2021)

Double Explorer

Allows you to create a desktop icon that will open two evenly sized Explorer windows that fill the entire client area of the desktop. The starting folder for each Explorer window can also be specified.

Download Double Explorer here (ver 3.02 860K Jan 2021)

Path To Clipboard

A shell extension to Windows Explorer that allows the full path name of a folder or file to be copied to the clipboard.

Path To Clipboard

Simply right click on a file or a folder, select the Copy Name To Clipboard option and the full path name of the folder or file will be copied to the Window's clipboard.

Download Path To Clipboard here (ver 2.2.1 1Mb Jan 2021)

Australian Post Code Finder

Popup Post Code Finder

Not only does this utility quickly find a post code for you but it can also copy the suburb, state and postcode to the clipboard or type the information directly into your application.

You will never have to type a locality name and postcode ever again. Simply use the Post Code Finder to select a locality, select OK to copy the information to the clipboard or select a method for "keying" the information into your application.

Other features include:

  • Auto locates as search text is typed
  • searches can be confined to a single state
  • Post code text obeys the Caps Lock button
  • Minimises to the task bar tray

Download Insmart's Australian Post Code Finder here (ver 2.1 723K Jan 2021)

Random Lotto Number Generator

Allows you to weight the numbers according to how you feel about them. Increase the weight to make the number more likely to be chosen. Decrease the weight for undesired numbers.

Random Lotto Number Generator

Download Lotto Random Number Generator here (ver 1.1 650K Jan 2021)


Auto Launch

Allows you to create auto launching disks that automatically open documents, browse folders or run a photo slide show whenever a disk is inserted into a computer.


More information and download


Auto Launch Information and download.


Auto Shut Down

Do your bit to fight global warming!

Insmart is providing this energy saving software for free in an effort to reduce green house gas emissions.

The auto shut down software lets you select any number of times for each day of the week that a computer will be turned off. For a one off shut down you can also select a specific date and time a computer will shut down.

Auto Shut Down Information and download.


IP Tools

A wrapper for the standard Windows IP tools: ipConfig, netstat, ping and trace route.

ipTools is a simple but very useful software tool for system administrators and advanced Windows users.

ipTools uses a tabbed display to display individual network adapter information and command output.

Automatically computes your external IP address.

The netstat feature allows open connections to the Internet to be easily listed but requires IP Tools to run with administrator privledge.

Download ipTools here (ver 1.2 626K April 2018)


 Solway's Software
K-Lite Mega Codec Pack
AnyBurn Free CD/DVD burning software
HWMonitor for monitoring PC system sensors, clock speed, temperature and fan speed
MP3TAG - The Universal Tag Editor
wmfoodfile - A nutrition database



A unique cropping tool for cropping and sizing images without distortion.

Quickly and easily layout images on a page for printing and size images to exactly fit photo frames.

Great for scrap booking and printing T-shirt transfers

Photo Master Home Page

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