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10 Dec 2007

Chain E-mails - How to validate a story before forwarding to your friends

Most of the "helpful" stories I receive by E-mail turn out to be completely false.

Remember these:

"save your life by coughing when having a heart attack".

"Microsoft and Disney are both beta-testing an e-mail tracker and will send you money if you forward this e-mail".

"HIV needle found on a movie cinema seat".

These stories are all false.

A recent story about "drinking from a water bottle left in a car will give you breast cancer" is also false.

Things to do before passing on an E-mail

Perform a Google search.

Perform a Truth or Fiction web site search.

For the search text you simply enter the most important words about the article.

For example: Using google to find out if leaving a water bottle in a car will cause cancer you simply enter the following text into google: "water bottle car breast cancer myth legend".

By adding the words myth and/or legend to a Google search you are refining your search to articles that discuss urban myths and you will usually find articles that discuss the exact message in the E-mail.

Once you have found some articles from reliable sources you can decide to put the E-mail into the trash bin where it belongs or forward the message on to your friends.

It is important for your own health and safety to check the facts of these E-mails so please check before forwarding these "do good" E-mails to your friends.

Author: Rod Grasso 10 Dec 2007




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