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26 Jan 2008

Easily Create a Contact Link Without Publishing Your E-mail Address.

To prevent E-mail addresses from being abused many web sites use a contact form that allows anyone to enter and send a message to the web site without having to use an E-mail address. offers a free contact service that will display a contact form for your web site and will forward messages to your E-mail address. The person wanting to send a message must identify themself as a human by entering a code. XinBox agrees to never disclose your E-mail address or send you unsolicitored E-mails.

Insmart is not affiliated with Xinbox in any way so please check their full terms and conditions before using their service.

A Sample Contact Link
Contact Insmart This is a contact link created by Insmart with XinBox. Please have a look but do not post a message as this will send us an E-mail.

To create your own contact link simply create an account with Xinbox. This is a simple process and after the account has been created the html code for the contact link will be displayed so that you can copy and paste the link to your web site.

By default your E-mail address will be visible to anyone using the contact form so it is recommended you modify your account settings by selecting the "Your Account Settings" option and turning off the "Show your email in the web form" option. Unless you need to receive attachments turn off the "Allow attachments" option as well.

The account settings will also let you add filter text to the E-mail subject so that your mail client can filter the contact E-mails when they are received.

Author: Rod Grasso 26 Jan 2008




A unique cropping tool for cropping and sizing images without distortion.

Quickly and easily layout images on a page for printing and size images to exactly fit photo frames.

Great for scrap booking and printing T-shirt transfers

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Tiny Temperature Recorder - Place virtually anywhere and record temperature for weeks at a time.

Kit equipment

Display and record temperature on your PC

A sample temperature display

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