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Insmart Code Base Tops 1.5 Million Lines of Code

Insmart is proud to announce code developed at Insmart has surpasses 1.5 millions lines of code.

Taking our time and using agile software development strategies Insmart has developed close to 100% of all code supplied to customers.

This translates to superior reliability and longevity without sacrificing the ability to continually extend features.

Designed to operate independently and to be fault tolerant, Insmart automation software all over the world processes millions of network transactions every day.

Software support and "patching" code to fix problems is a miniscule part of our customer support.

If you're a client of Insmart please stop and think about how reliable our systems have been for your organsiation and what that means for your productivity.

If you are not an Insmart client why aren't you ?

Free Insmart Software
Insmart has recently released an update to our 100% free software tools. You are most welcome to use them for free.

If you're a Windows user who regularly opens files and navigates folders you might find our Copy Path To Clipboard shell extension extremely valuable!

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