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11 Sep 2009
Rail Baron Game Host Software by Insmart
Remember the board game Rail Baron ?

Rail Baron Board Game

If you enjoyed playing this board game but found calculating the destinations and payments bothersome then dust off the game and get playing with this handy host software.

Rail Baron Host Software

The software calculates and displays the payment due for a trip between two cities for each player. The cities can be manually entered or randomly chosen by the software.

This game host software was originally developed in 1991 using Borland Turbo Pascal.

Using a recently developed emulator created by Insmart, Insmart has re-released this software as a free Windows program for the enjoyment of all Rail Baron fans that must be still be out there somewhere.

The software can be downloaded and installed like a normal Windows program but once opened it becomes keyboard driven as it was when originally created. So follow the prompt at the bottom of the screen and resist using the mouse.

After downloading and installing the software enter the names of up to 6 players pressing the enter key after each name.

Enter a blank name to finish entering the list of names.

Press the up or down arrow key to place an arrow next to a player name and either manually change the destination city by pressing the Enter key or simply press the F1 function key to randomly select a new destination for the player. This can be repeated each time a player arrives at their destination.

Player's must still roll dice to move their piece and to choose who goes first etc.

When manually entering city information the destination city details can be copied to the "from" city by pressing the F3 function key. The prompt at the bottom of the screen will offer this as an option.

Enjoy !

Download Rail Baron Host Software

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Insmart is an ethical company with a proud reputation. Our clients expect, and Insmart guarantees that at the time of software manufacture (compilation) the software is virus free and does not contain malicious code.

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