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Samsung Chromebook Repair - Perth South of River


  A dead, intermittment or flickering screen is often repairable.

This problem can be caused by the unit being repeatedly crushed or
simply by the screen being repeatedly opened and closed.

Check the light next to the power socket comes on when the power plug is plugged into the unit.

Open the lid and check the light on the power button lights up.

If both lights work there's a good chance a simple repair will bring the screen back to life.


Chromebook with cracked screen
Image of a cracked screen that had to be replaced with a new screen.

Low Cost Repair Service
A non refundable examination fee of $20 must be paid in advance with the unit.

During examination if the repair is estimated to cost less than $40 the unit will be immediately repaired.

Many simple repairs will only cost between $20 and $30 (on top of the examination fee).

If the repair is likely to cost more than $40 we will be in contact to discuss the problem before proceeding.

The approximate cost for a screen replacement is $140.00.

This is a best effort service and no guarantee or warranty can be provided on the work performed.

Broken Beyond Repair
If you have a broken unit and would like to donate the unit for parts to help other students your donation would be very much appreciated.


Please submit your details and someone will contact you ASAP.

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