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Copyright and use of the JIM file format

The JIM file format was invented by Rod Grasso in 2003 and the copyright to the format is owned by Insmart Software.

Permission to Use
Insmart Software (Insmart) hereby gives permission to any person (the User) the right to use the JIM file format (JIM) free of charge subject to the following conditions:

A) The User acquires no title right or interest in JIM other than the rights granted herein.


B) Insmart may from time to time may develop improvements, variations, amendments and extensions to JIM hereinafter called Enhancements. In the event that Insmart develops any Enhancements and the User takes supply of the Enhancements, the User acknowledges and agrees that the terms and provisions herein contained shall apply to the Enhancements.


i)  The User acknowledges and agrees that if the User modifies the JIM format to suit their particular requirement or for any other reason that all derivative file formats must no longer be called JIM and must not use the JIM file extension.
ii)  The User acknowledges and agrees that all documentation regarding derivative file formats will acknowledge that the derivative file format is a derivative of the Insmart JIM file format.
iii)  The User acknowledges and agrees that all conditions of this agreement shall apply to derivative file formats and the User agrees to take adequate steps to ensure third parties using derivative file formats are aware of these conditions.


D) All charges relating to the distribution or sale of JIM or derivatives are prohibited without the prior written consent of Insmart.


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