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Easily launch single and multi player Duke Nukem 3D games in Windows.

Software Updates

In 2003 the makers of Duke Nukem 3D, 3D Realms, released the software source code of the game.

The Rancid Meat guys created Duke3D_w32, a Windows port of the Duke Nukem 3D game.

The port works great in single player mode but setting up a LAN multi play game can be difficult and time consuming so the lads at Insmart knocked up a launcher using the Insmart LAN lobby software.

D3dLaunch is a LAN meeting lobby where players can join a game, send chat messages to each other and launch a Duke3d multi player game very easily. (Windows Vista/XP/2000/9x).

Any player is able to select a map that is on their own computer.

Before the game is started the map will be transferred across the network to any players who do not have the map.

Duke3dLaunch Screen Capture

Duke3d Launch Screen

Single Player Gaming
Single player options are on the left hand side. Selecting the Duke3D icon on the left under the name will launch the game in single player mode. The single play map button will open a dialog window for choosing a map to play in single player mode. Use the down arrow to select a map that you have previously played in single player mode.

Multi Player Gaming
LAN game options are on the right hand side. Only one person needs to select the map that everyone will play. That person can use the down arrow to select a map that has been previously selected or use the open icon to display a dialog window to select the map. After choosing a map the person must select the "notify players of map selection" option so that the other players can see what map they are about to play.

Each player must select "Lets Rock" to enter the multi player game. As each player selects "Lets Rock" a message is sent to all other players stating who has entered the game. This helps everyone realise that the game has begun and they should also select "Lets Rock".

Getting Started
To play Duke Nukem Windows port you will need:

(i) the original Duke Nukem 3D Game Original 1.3D, Plutonium Pack 1.4 or Atomic Edition 1.5.

(ii) Any third party Duke 3D single or multi player maps.

(iii) The Rancid Meat Duke3d_w32 Windows port version 20.3 or better.

To install the port download and extract the files to a folder. A suggested folder name is c:\duke3d_w32

Copy the DUKE3D.GRP file from the original game to the same folder. Read supplied instructions.

(iv) Configure D3dLaunch preferences and set the game and map folders so that D3dLaunch can find the other files.

Indexed Help
Complete documentation is supplied and will automatically display the first time the software is used.

D3dLaunch is sponsored by the Insmart Photo Master software and will display a short splash screen.

Download D3dLaunch here (ver 1.1.0 2Mb)

Download third party multi player maps (68 maps 2.3Mb)
A selection of great game play multi player maps for your enjoyment.


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